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How to Shrink 5cm Kidney Cysts

2013-11-09 15:28| Font Size A A A

Kidney cysts are commonly seen especially in elderly people. Some of the small cysts on kidney will cause no symptoms and no harm to our health. But when the cysts grow bigger, they will cause a lot of problems. So shrinking kidney cysts is of great importance to protect the health of kidneys. How to shrink 5cm kidney cysts?

What does 5cm kidney cysts mean?

Many people will live with kidney cysts. They may not be noticed because the small cysts are not harmful to kidneys. But with the enlargement of the cysts, some symptoms will appear, such as high blood pressure, back pain, blood urine. 5cm kidney cysts are large enough to cause symptoms and kidney damage because the large cysts will pressure the surrounding kidney tissues other organs. If the 5 cm cysts are not get controlled, they will continuously enlarge and cause more damages.

How to shrink 5cm kidney cysts?

The traditional way to shrink kidney cysts is to withdraw the fluids in the cysts. While this procedure is easily to cause infection and the cysts are prone to grow again. Then can 5cm kidney cysts be shrunk with no surgery?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a natural treatment for kidney cysts. It requires no surgery. It is an externally used therapy with the help of an osmosis device.

This therapy can not only shrink the cysts but also can prevent the cysts enlarging. The herbs, which are permeated into our body will increase the permeability of the cysts wall. The fluids in the cysts will flow out. As long as the fluids are removed, the cysts will be shrunk.

Along with shrinking the large cysts, you should also control all the risk factors that will cause kidney damage, such as high blood pressure. Most of the patients are accompanied by high blood pressure with kidney cysts. So controlling high blood pressure can also help shrink kidney cysts.

Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy is not the only treatment for kidney cysts. You can contact the online doctor for more natural treatments to shrink 5cm kidney cysts or you can leave a message below, the kidney expert will reply as soon as possible.

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