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Traditional Chinese Medicine for Kidney Cysts

2013-10-29 15:08| Font Size A A A

The traditional Chinese medicine has a long history. It is applied to treat many kinds of diseases. Kidney cysts is a refractory disease for the cysts are developing. Recently, the traditional Chinese medicine for kidney cysts have attracted much attention. Please follow me to get more information about the traditional Chinese medicine for kidney cysts.

As its name refers, kidney cysts is featured as multiple cysts on both of the kidneys. The cysts are ever-accelerated. With the development of the cysts, the surrounding kidney tissues will be damaged and kidney function will be affected. When the cysts enlarge to a large extent, they will squeeze each other. When they rupture, the cystic fluids will flow to other parts of our body, causing infection.

In the west, if the cysts are not big enough to affect the kidney tissues, no treatment will be applied. If they grows to affect the normal functions of kidney, surgery will be applied. But patients will suffer from a lot of risks with the surgery.

The traditional Chinese medicine requires no surgery. It is effective in dealing with the enlarging kidney cysts. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is the innovative form of the traditional Chinese medicine. It is an external applied therapy. The herbs are still the core of this therapy. The nurse will put two bags of finely-shattered herbs on the lower back, and they will be permeated into kidney lesions by virtue of an osmosis device.

Through this process, the blood vessels will be expanded to increase the blood flow through cysts wall and the fluids will be resorbed by the vessels. Thus the kidney cysts will be shrunk gradually.

Early treatment is necessary for kidney cysts. The traditional Chinese medicine can protect the kidney function at the early stage. If you are interested in it, you can contact the online doctors or leave a message below!

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