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How to Drain Kidney Cysts

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How to Drain Kidney Cysts

When kidney cysts are small, they do not do harm to your health, so there is nothing to worry, but if they keep growing, importance should be attached. How to drain kidney cysts? Read on to learn more information.

What size of kidney cysts need treatment?

In early stage of kidney cysts, they usually do not cause any symptoms, nor affect renal function. But with the progression of disease, the cysts may become bigger and bigger, and then a series of symptoms may occur, such as blood urine, back pain, high blood pressure. Generally, when kidney cysts are bigger than 5cm, they are needed to be drained.

Surgeries to drain kidney cysts

-Retrograde intrarenal surgery. It is the treatment of choice when the cyst can be reached from the draining portion of the kidney basin.

-Percutaneous kidney surgery. It is done for large cysts in the back of the kidney.

-Laparoscopy and cyst removal. This is the treatment of choice for most patients with numerous or very large cysts.

The advantage of those surgeries is that they can drain renal cyst quickly and relieve your discomforts. But they are all invasive. And for kidney cysts caused by PKD, they are just temporary medical relief. Because once the big renal cysts are removed, the small ones will grow up quickly. If you would like a conservative treatment, you can try Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, which is a great innovation of traditional Chinese medicine. It can infiltrate the micronized herbs into kidneys to take effect. It can dilate blood vessels on cyst wall and speed up blood microcirculation so that cyst fluid can be taken away. It can also suppress the secretion of lining cells of cyst. Under these two functions, inner pressure will be reduced, and cyst will become soft so as to achieve the goal of shrinking renal cysts. After about one month’s treatment, the cysts will become smaller than before treatment.

How to drain kidney cysts? Now you know these surgeries. You should find out the most suitable treatment according to your medical condition.

Note: The above material is only intended for informational purposes. For specific treatment recommendations, please consult a physician.

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