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What Treatment Should Be Adopted for 5 cm Large Kidney Cyst

2013-10-13 16:25| Font Size A A A

Renal cyst is an umbrella term used for cystic lesions within the kidney without interlinked with the outside world. Some large renal cyst, especially with obvious capsule hemorrhage or infection, will produce symptoms of waist and stomach pain. Some renal cyst happened to oppress ureter or calyces neck, cause kidney seeper and secondary infection, then appear the waist pain, fever, and urinary tract infection. Some individual simple cyst of kidney will happen to canceration, with a rate of 1%. Since it is so, what treatment should be adopted for 5 cm large kidney cyst?

For small renal cyst, any treatment is needless under asymptomatic condition. But patients should check regularly to observe whether the cyst continue to increase. No symptoms should have regular urine examination, including routine urine, urine culture, and endogenous creatinine clearance. It is often once half to one year.

Due to the infection is the important reason of deterioration, so if not necessary, don't do the urinary traumatic examination.

It is thought to require a surgical treatment for simple renal cyst under following indications:

1. Patients with waist and stomach pain or psychological pressure.

2. Patients whose cyst are greater than 4 cm in diameter, or have obvious volume increase recently.

3. Patients with cyst oppression, hydronephrosis, secondary bleeding, infection or rupture.

4. Patients are prone to canceration.

In general, the simple cyst should be actively treat when it near or more than 5 cm. Otherwise, long term oppression to renal parenchyma can cause renal unit ischemia hypoxia, high blood pressure, and a large number of proteinuria and hematuresis.

Renal cyst puncture has no obvious effect. This therapy is easy to cause infection and relapse. After long-term observation, it can not delay the onset of kidney damage, either.

Surgical remove of the cyst is not an easy thing. The surface of the kidney cyst can be cut off, but to cut deep buried cyst is difficult. Large cyst which is prone to malignant transformation can have a surgical detect, if confirmed for benign cyst, can adopt the renal capsule wall resection. Nephrectomy is used when one kidney is damaged, and the other one is well work.

About 5 cm cyst can be controlled by drugs. Puncture is not a must event for patients. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is recommended. Through external treatment, the cyst fluid can be ruled out, the capsule wall permeability increases and the cyst also smaller than ever. It has a distinct effect. If you are interested in this therapy, please leave a message below, we will help you to make an appointment with the experts.

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