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Treatment for 5.5cm Cyst in Left Kidney

2015-10-24 10:14| Font Size A A A

Treatment for 5.5cm Cyst in Left KidneyA person with 5.5 cm cyst in left kidney is more prone to suffer from various symptoms or discomfort, affecting his or her life’s quality. That’s also due to pains, patients are eager to know what treatment can deal with the condition. Here, you will have several choices.

Now, let’s learn related information about 5cm kidney cyst.

Generally speaking, most patients do not feel any discomfort when kidney cyst is small in size (less than 3cm). For 5.5 cm in left kidney, it is big enough to increase pressure on kidney tissues and surrounding organs. What’s more, it have more chance to get ruptured. Hence, you must take treatment to make it stop growing and let it shrink gradually.

Well then, how to do?

1. Maikang Mixture

It is a kind of Chinese patent medicine which is taken by oral. The medicine is mainly used to regulate qi and promote blood circulation effectively. Patients are required to take the medicine at morning per day. Actually, it is a assistant therapy of the following treatment.

2. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

First, the active substances of the Micro-Chinese medicine can enter the renal lesions directly with the help of the advanced osmotic equipment. Thus it can expand blood vessels and promote blood circulation so as to provide a good environment for the rebuild of kidney function.

Second, the Micro-Chinese medicine can increase the permeability of the cystic walls and reverse the pressure difference between internal and external of the cyst. In this way, the toxic fluid in the cyst will flow out naturally into the blood and finally flow out with the urine.

And finally, some effective substances will also be provided to retrain the secretion of toxic fluid. Thus the cyst will be controlled from the root cause.

Where can I get these natural therapies?

So far, you just need to come to China for the treatments. Because these treatments are innovations of Beijing Tongshantang Hospital. We are located in No.5 Feiyi Road, Youyi North Street, Xinhua District, Shijiazhuang City, Bebei Province. If you plan to or decide to come our hospital, you can contact us through email: or Whatsapp &Viber+8615512139310.

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