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Treatments for Patients with Cortical Cysts on Kidneys

2015-06-25 17:24| Font Size A A A

Treatments for Patients with Cortical Cysts on KidneysThe cortical cyst refers to a very common type of kidney cyst, which more frequently occur in patients with over 50 years old. It is a fluid-filled sac growing in the outer area of the kidneys. Then, what treatments can be used to treat the disease?

As a matter of fact, many patients live with the renal cortical cyst without noticing any discomforts. Actually, very small cysts might cause no problems at all, and you can know you have the cyst unless it is found in a routine examination for other tissues. However, as the cyst grows larger, the condition will be different. You might start to feel pain or pressure in your back or side, which often radiates downward. The pain us usually dull not sharp. Once it becomes big enough, you might be able to feel it when you press down on your abdomen. You might notice blood or bubbles in your urine and swelling in your abdomen. And you might also begin to experience problems with high blood pressure.

Through the above analysis, we can see that treatment plays an important role in removing cysts and protecting remaining renal function. Well then, how? To know more details, just email to and our doctor will provide more related info for your reference.

Home remedies

Diet and lifestyle changes-changing the way you eat and lifestyles can make a big difference in protecting remaining renal function. Limit intake of protein and sodium are also very necessary for relieving related symptoms. You should avoid spicy and fatty foods which can stimulate cysts’ growth. And you should give up smoking and drinking so as to reduce kidneys’ burden.

Medical Treatments

Regular checkups-for the small cysts, the common suggestion is waiting. But it’s my duty to suggest that you have to do a regular checkups (within six months or one year for another checkup).

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy-The active ingredients of medicines can soak into the skin and permeate into the kidney lesions effectively. It can help shrink cysts naturally and relieve related symptoms through the specific functions, like dilating blood vessels, promoting blood circulation, anti-inflammation, degradation extracellular matrix and so on.

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