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What Medicine Should I Take for Bilateral Renal Cysts 2.8 cm

2015-06-18 10:00| Font Size A A A

What Medicine Should I Take for Bilateral Renal Cysts 2.8 cmBilateral renal cysts are cysts in both the kidneys, the result means more than 2 cysts develop in both kidneys. With the growth of these cysts, some medical implications may appear one by one. Well then, what medicine should I take for bilateral renal cyst 2.8 cm?

The analysis of 2.8 cm bilateral renal cysts

In most case, when the cysts are small in size, they do not cause any discomforts, while along with the enlargement of cysts, patients will begin to suffer from some obvious symptoms. According to clinical practice, when kidney cysts are smaller than 3cm, they cannot cause any discomforts, or even patients do not know they have the disease until they do some test like ultrasound tests. Through the comparison, we can see that 2.8 cm cysts do not reach the upper limit, but it nears to 3cm. Therefore, patients should pay more attention the condition, so as to control or even stop the progression of renal cysts timely and effectively.

Well then, what medicine should I take for the symptom?

In western countries, if you do not experience any symptoms, no treatment is needed, the doctor just suggest you to wait. If you begin to suffer a lot, like back pain, kidney infection, blood in urine, etc, some medicines like pain killers, ACEIs, ARBs, steroids will recommended to you.

But in China, the doctors come from Beijing Tongshantang Hospital will the individualized formulas according to your illness conditions. Here, the medicines and treatments mainly come from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), like Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Foot Bat, Maikang Composition and so on. They cannot only shrink cysts naturally, but also can help repair kidney damage and improve renal function. Compared to western medicines, these therapies are more safe and effective. If you have interest, please click them or talk with our Online Doctor or email to and we will do our best to help you.

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