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What Are Some Medical Treatments to Shrink Kidney Cysts

2015-05-30 17:29| Font Size A A A

What Are Some Medical Treatments to Shrink Kidney CystsKidney cyst is a fluid-filled sac that can form inside or outside of the kidneys. And there are three types of kidney cyst: Simple Kidney Cyst, Polycystic Kidney Disease and Complex Kidney Cyst. No matter which type, you are likely to suffer from various symptoms along with the enlargement and increase of kidney cysts. Well then, what are some medical treatments to shrink kidney cysts?


There are two options of surgery commonly used including laparoscopic decortication and percutaneous aspiration. They drain the cyst fluid out or remove the active part of cysts. They are helpful relieving symptoms but cannot remove kidney cysts permanently. In most case, kidney cysts are filled again within 6 months to 2 years.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

May kidney cyst patients complain that surgery only can shrink the bigger cysts, the smaller cysts will grow quickly after surgery. TCM happens to remedy to the shortage of surgery. It can not inly shrink kidney cysts but also small kidney cysts.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

It comes from TCM but totally different from it due to its external application of Chinese herbal medicines. Under the help of osmosis device, the active medicine ingredients can help expand blood vessels around the kidney and increase the permeability of the cysts. In addition, the ingredients of this therapy is chosen elaborately by kidney experts, so the medicines can make big kidney cyst shrink little by little after getting into patient's body.

What’s more, it can not only shrink Kidney Cyst but also can promote the blood circulation and inhibit inflammation so as to greatly improve the internal environment of the kidneys. In this condition, part of impaired kidney cells will self-heal and your kidney function can be enhanced.

The mentioned above is the general introduction of kidney cysts treatment plans. If you are interest in knowing more details, you can email to or leave a message below directly and we will do our best to help you.

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