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Is There Any Supplement That Help the Kidney Cysts

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Is There Any Supplement That Help the Kidney CystsIs there any supplement that help the kidney cysts? More than half of people over the age of 50 have one or more simple kidney cysts. For small cysts, they are benign and do not cause any discomforts, while for big cysts, they may cause numerous discomforts which need to take effective treatment to shrink cysts.

The overview of kidney cysts.

Actually, there is no need to take any treatment when the cyst is less than 3cm. In most condition, patients also do not feel any discomforts when they are small. However, overtime, they will become more and more big. Once the enlarged kidneys cysts begin to oppress the kidney itself and its surrounding tissues, one of common symptom is back pain or kidney pain. And along with progress, these cysts run a high risk of rupture, which can lead to blood urine, kidney infection or urinary tract infection.

Is there any supplement that help the kidney cysts?

1. Reduce the frequency of physical activity

Patients with kidney cysts should pay attention to have a good rest. And they should do reduce the times physical activity and avoid the strenuous exercises, so as to prevent cysts from rupturing.

2. Develop a low-protein diet

A low-protein diet is important to reduce the kidney’s burden and protect remaining renal function. But in order to guarantee the body health, patients are recommended to take high-quality protein.

3. Take herbal medicines treatment

Compared to western drugs, herbs are more safe, effective and natural. For example, dandelion is a herb that is full of nutrients and medical properties. It is always used for kidney disease patients as a diuretics. It can increase urine output to promote the excretion of wastes from the kidney.

4. Systemic and comprehensive treatment

Medicated Bath and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is recommended to you. All of them comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine which have shown a good effect on shrinking cysts and repairing kidney damage.

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