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Natural Remedy for Kidney Cyst Measuring 6.2 * 5 cm

2014-11-17 15:32| Font Size A A A

Natural Remedy for Kidney Cyst Measuring 6.2 * 5 cmKidney cyst can grow in renal cortex, sinus, pelvic, or any other part of kidneys. 6.2 * 5 cm kidney cyst is quite large that can affect kidney functioning tissues easily. In order to protect kidneys and prevent further problems, some natural remedies can be helpful.

Simple kidney cyst is usually filled with clear fluid and has no irregular cystic walls. Therefore, as long as kidney cysts are intact and kept in small size, patients don’t need to worry about their kidney cyst. From this analysis, it is very important to shrink this 6.2 * 5 cm of kidney cysts through draining sac fluid and preventing the secretion of sac fluid.

1. A scientific diet

Although food therapy is unable to cure kidney cyst, a correct diet plan can still do something to slow down the growth of kidney cysts. Beer, spicy foods, chocolate, coco cola, etc, are reported to stimulate the expansion of renal cysts, so these patients should try to avoid these foods in their daily life.

2. Herbal tea

Herbal tea is made from natural herb that has many benefits. For patients with kidney cyst, some herbal tea can even help prompt the reabsorption of sac fluid. For example, corn silk and dandelion root just has this effect. If you are interested, you can drink one cup of herbal tea one daily.

3. Oral Chinese medicine

Compared with surgery, oral Chinese medicines focus on shrinking kidney cysts gradually and inactivating cystic cells which secrete sac fluid. Finally, 6.2*5 cm kidney cysts can be shrunk to small size, and patients don’t need to worry it any more.

4. External application of Chinese medicine

If patients have had resistance to oral medicine, they can use externally applied medicines which have the same effects with oral medicines but produce fewer side effects.

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