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Is There An Alternative Method to Delete the Cyst

2014-11-03 09:59| Font Size A A A

Is There An Alternative Method to Delete the CystWhen diagnosed with kidney cysts, some patients will suffer from the numerous symptoms, while others have no symptoms at all. But all of patients are worried about the progression of illness condition. Is there an alternative treatment to delete the cysts?

Generally, kidney cysts is divided into two parts including simple kidney cysts and complex cysts.

For the former-simple kidney cysts, they are usually benign and asymptomatic. Actually, for simple renal cysts, if patients do not suffer from symptoms, there is no need to take any treatment. However, simple cysts that are causing symptoms or blocking the flow of blood or urine through the kidney may need to be treated using a procedure called sclerotherapy. And if the cysts enlarge to certain size and are more likely to rupture, surgery may be applied.

For the latter-complex kidney cysts, different from the former, the complex renal cyst has irregular cyst lining and may show irregular shape and internal structure. And complex kidney cysts manifest in many disorders and disease, including Polycystic Kidney Disease, medullary sponge kidney and medulary cystic disorder. In these condition, surgery is not an ideal treatment for patients.

Well then, what else can we do?

In Beijing Tongshantang Hospital, China, several natural treatments are widely used in our clinic. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a combination of Chinese medicine and advanced medical equipment. On the basis of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), this treatment is an external application of Chinese herbal medicines. The active ingredient of Chinese herbal medicines can be permeate into kidney lesions directly and then they stay in the body and treat disorders. During the treatment, blood vessels can be dilated, blood circulation can be promoted and permeability of cysts wall can be increased and the cystic fluid can be drained. After a period of treatment, the cysts on kidney can be shrunk naturally. In addition, other treatments like Medicated Bath, Acupuncture, Blood Pollution Therapy are also available to you.

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