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What Happens When Kidney Cyst is 5.2cm

2014-09-30 10:43| Font Size A A A

What Happens When Kidney Cyst is 5.2cmIt is time to induce your attention and take immediate treatment if your kidney cyst is 5.2cm. Why? Because it will bring numerous discomforts and symptoms to you. Well then, in the following contents,we will talk about what happens when kidney cyst enlarges to 5.2cm.

Kidney cysts refer to fluid-filled pockets on the kidney. They are often benign and do not any symptoms for patients. However, if left untreated, they may enlarge along with the time. Generally speaking, when kidney cyst is more than 3cm, the surgery is needed to remove it, let alone 5.2cm renal cyst.

In short, 5.2 kidney cyst means that your may suffer from some symptoms and discomforts, and it implies that you need to take measures to deal with it.

Well then, what are the symptoms of 5.2cm renal cyst?

Renal cyst 5.2cm is much bigger. Some patients will suffer from severe back pain, flank pain, even kidney pain because the enlarged kidney cyst will oppress the kidney surrounding tissues and cells. In severe condition, it will affect human’s heart health and brain health.

When the enlarged kidney cyst block the normal blood circulation, it is likely to cause ischemia and anoxia and the overall health of the body will be affected significantly.

Patients also may suffer from various infections such as urinary tract infection, kidney infection, kidney cysts infection and so on because the cystic fluid leak into the organs’ intercellular space.

In addition. Patients may experience the blood urine because the red blood cells leak into the urine

Then, what are the treatment for 5.2cm renal cyst?

In most western countries, surgery is the primary option for removing the large cyst. Compared to surgery, we prefer recommending natural remedy called “Acupuncture+Moxibustion therapy” to you. The doctor insert your skin by a long and thin needle to balance energy and qi in the body. It can slow down the renal cyst enlargement to some extent. Our special point of acupuncture is that we adopt the Chinese herbal medicine such as moxa. Chinese medications not only can shrink kidney cysts but also can stop the cysts from enlarging by killing the lining cells on cyst wall.

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