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Should I Be Worried about 8cm Cyst on the Kidney

2014-09-21 15:35| Font Size A A A

Should I Be Worried about 8cm Cyst on the KidneyMost of elderly people are checked out at least one kidney cyst. And also, it can occur in any ages including adults. when the renal cyst is small, patient do not feel any discomforts, while when it enlarge to 8cm, should they be worried about their physical condition?

Actually, it is time to induce your attention and take effective treatment when they enlarge to 8cm. Normally, our healthy kidneys is 10-12cm in length, 5-6cm in width, and 3-4cm in thickness. As for a 8cm renal cyst, it is nearly as large as the whole kidneys. In view of this point, it will cause damage to kidney functioning tissues and other organs if untreated effectively. What’s more, the location of cyst also determine its danger. When it is located in renal cortex which consists of renal tubules and glomeruli, 8cm renal cortical cyst is more likely cause damage to renal cortex including tubules and glomeruli. However, if the 8cm develops in the surface of the kidney, it may also rupture easily. And sac fluid will spread to other tissues and organs, resulting in infections and blood urine, back pain, flank pain and so on.

Therefore, if you want to prevent the above problems, you should take effective treatment to remove or shrink renal cyst as soon as possible. In Beijing Tongshantang Hospital, China, we prefer recommending Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) rather than surgeries.

On the one hand, the oral Chinese medicine can help discharge sac fluid and shrink cysts gradually. On the other hand, the external application of Chinese medicine can help stop secretion of sac fluid and repair kidney damage as well as shrink renal cysts naturally. All of process of treatment aims at increasing the permeability of cystic walls and improving blood circualtion. Compared to surgery, it can prevent the recurrence effectively, but it may need a little longer time to work. Therefore, you should be patient, once you decide to use TCM. More details, please contact our doctors online or leave a message below and we will contact you and give you professional help as early as possible.

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