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Conventional Herbal Medicine for Renal Cortical Cyst

2014-09-14 16:32| Font Size A A A

Conventional Herbal Medicine for Renal Cortical CystTo remove a renal cyst fast and effectively, most of people will think that surgery is a not bad choice. However, at our Beijing Tongshantang Hospital, China, we prefer recommending conventional herbal medicine to shrink renal cortical cyst naturally and effectively.

Renal cortical cyst is very easy to occur, especially among people over the age of 50. Usually, the cysts are benign and do not need treatment. However, over time, the cysts will become more and more large. And enlarged cysts may affect renal function, leading to a myriad of symptoms.

Why we don’t use surgery to remove renal cortical cysts? Because most of surgeries have a certain risk of infections. In addition, even though the surgery can remove cyst in a short time, it will leave much more space for the growth of small cysts. In order to guarantee safety and therapeutic effects, Traditional Chinese Medicine is an ideal choice for shrinking renal cortical cysts.

Some Chinese herbal medicines have the functions of dilating blood vessels and clearing blood stasis so as to increase the blood supply in the kidneys. The states of hypoxia and ischemia will be improved and the cystic fluid will be re-absorbed into surrounding blood vessels and the cysts will be shrunk gradually. Those it takes a longer time to shrink the cysts, the effects will last for a long time and the recurrent rate is greatly reduced. However the treatment duration is so long that many patients can not bear the bitter taste of decoction and long term oral intake of decocted medicines will damage their gastrointestinal tracts.

To overcome the shortcoming of oral herbal medicine, the biggest innovation is the external application of Chinese medicine, such as Medicated Bath, Acupuncture, Enema Therapy, Circle Therapy and so on. All of them make full use of active ingredients of herbal medicine to shrink renal cortical cysts. In addition to these therapies, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is also widely used to treat various kidney diseases. You can consult our doctors online for a specific info about these treatment. Or you can leave a message below directly and we will contact you as early as possible.

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