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How to Remove 8.9 cm Cysts on Kidney

2014-08-04 20:25| Font Size A A A

How to Remove 8.9 cm Cysts on KidneyKidney cyst, or renal cyst refers to fluid-filled sac that grow on the kidneys. For small renal cyst, it usually cause no symptom and don’t need to take treatment. However, for 8.9 cm renal cyst, it needs to be removed. Well then, are there any good treatment to remove it effectively?

The overview of 8.9 cm renal cyst

Normally, our healthy kidneys are usually 10-12 cm in length, 5-6 cm in width and 3-4 cm in thickness. From this point, we can find that 8.9 cm kidney cyst is too big, because it is almost as large as kidneys in length. Over time, it has high risk to become bigger and bigger. And the enlarged renal cyst will oppress the surrounding tissues and organs casing some symptoms, like back pain, flank pain, stomach pain and do on. What’s more, when it enlarges to certain size, it is prone to rupture. In severe cases, if a cyst rupture, blood urine is the common symptom. And kidney infection and urinary tract infection can also be induced.

How to remove a 8.9cm cyst on kidney?

In most countries, surgeries are widely used to remove renal cyst, like aspiration and decortication. But it is my duty to tell you that even surgeries can remove cyst fastly and effectively, it can still leave the growth space for small cyst. In addition, there can be traumas to kidneys sometimes. Therefore, it is not always a good choice.

With the development of medical techniques, more and more treatment are created and used to shrink renal cyst naturally. For example, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a good choice to shrink renal cyst. How does it work?

It makes full use of Chinese herbal medicine and osmosis device to restore kidney damage and recover renal function. It is a creation and innovation based on TCM, but used externally. The active ingredients of Chinese medicine can permeate into kidney lesion and achieve the goal shrink kidney cyst naturally and effectively. How about this? If you want to learn more info, please talk with our online doctor directly or leave a message to

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