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How to Treat the Cyst on Left Kidney in Woman Patient

2013-09-09 10:34| Font Size A A A

Q: My doctor found cyst on my left kidney last month. I am female, 45 years old. My mother has PKD. I feel very worried about the cyst. Is it an indicator of PKD? How deal with the cyst on left kidney?

A: thanks for your inquiry. After reading your questions, I think there are 2 points that you need to make it clear. That is:

- how many cysts on your left kidney?

- how large the cyst is?

Based on the two questions, you will need different treatments.

How many cysts on your left kidney?

Due the number of cysts, we can help find out your kidney cyst is simple medical condition or complex PKD. As you mentioned, you have PKD family history. PKD is a common genetic Kidney Disease which can be passed from parents. Usually, PKD will not only shows one cysts. If you problem is PKD, there should be other cysts in your kidneys.

If your cyst is only one, you can expect to simple kidney cyst which is easy to control than PKD. To find the final answer, you need to take further tests which will help your doctor to make an exact diagnosis. There is recommended tests list for your condition. If you need, you can email to for a free reply within 48 hours.

How large is your kidney cyst?

If your condition is simple Kidney Cyst:

Usually, if your kidney cyst is smaller than 3cm, your doctor will recommend to do nothing, but regular tests to monitor your condition. When it enlarges to 3 cm, you are suggested to take surgery to remove the cyst.

Also, you can try Traditional Chinese Medicine, which can use certain herbs that shrink the cysts naturally. To find the personalized TCM treatment plan, you can get free suggestions from our free online doctor.

If your condition is PKD:

Not matter how large the cyst is, you are suggested to take treatments right now. Surgery may be recommended, but you have to know it only can remove limited number of your cysts, not all.

To shrink the cysts on PKD patients, experts designed a developed natural therapy named Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which shrinked Kishor’s cyst from 14cm to 10.5cm just in one month. Read Kishor’s Story.

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