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Renal Cortical Cyst 24mm X 18mm on left kidney: What Can I Do

2014-07-11 23:37| Font Size A A A

Recently, a patient chatted with me on our website and ask a question “A renal cortical cyst 24 mm X 18 mm in size on left kidney was found during ultrasonography. What can I do? Could you give me a favor?”Here I will give you best option for you.
Renal Cortical Cyst 24mm X 18mm on left kidney: What Can I Do

Renal cortical cyst develops in the outside region of the kidneys. And usually it is filled with clean fluid and sometimes some blood within cell walls. When its size is small and cannot cause such symptoms as back pain, blood in urine, etc, it does not need medical treatment. Maybe patients’illness condition can get improvement by adjusting daily diet and taking regular and moderate exercise.

However, for renal cortical cyst 24*18mm, it is so big that it will cause damage on kidney and some symptoms. Facing so big cyst, surgery maybe the first option for patients and doctors in western countries. Surgery can drain out sac fluid of large cyst directly with a long needle, and some substances containing alcohol are used to harden kidney cyst. It can remove cyst effectively and fast, while it has a high risk of relapse of renal cortical cyst.

Compared to surgery, a more safe, convenient and effective treatment called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy are created. It is an innovation based on TCM, but used externally. It contributes to shrinking renal cortical cyst by active ingredients of Chinese medicine. And it also can repair kidney damage and enhance renal function from the root. Furthermore, it has won good fame from patients who come from different countries.

I sincerely hope you can get benefits from this passage. And if you are interested in this therapy, please contact us our online doctor or leave a message to

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