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Is A 8cm Cyst on Kidney Dangerous

2014-06-22 18:47| Font Size A A A

Is A 8cm Cyst on Kidney DangerousA renal cyst is a pocket with fluid and located in the kidneys. When it is small, it does not cause any symptoms, while, when it becomes big enough, such as 8cm, patients should pay more attention to their illness condition.

Normally, a healthy kidney is 10-12cm long, 5-6cm wide and 120-150g weight. When the cyst grows to 8cm, it is possible to replace the healthy nephrons, thus leading to decline of renal function. To be frank, 8cm renal cyst is a dangerous condition. As time goes on, the secretion of cystic fluid will continue to increase. As a result, the surrounding renal tissues will be oppressed and various symptoms will occur, such as back pain, blood urine and so on. Furthermore, it is likely rupture. And if the cyst grows outside of kidney, the fluid in cyst may pollute the blood, leading to serious conditions like extreme back pain, severe hematuria and even septemia. In this case, patients have to take necessary and effective treatment to deal with this serious illness condition. Then, how to do?

For a 8cm renal cyst, surgery is widely used because it can remove cyst fast and effectively. However, it does not suitable for numerous cysts. If the big cyst is removed, the the small renal cysts will grow big soon. In this regard, surgery is not a good treatment option for patients.

Through the above analysis, we can know the primary risk is the enlarged or ruptured renal cyst. Therefore, the treatments should focus on how to inhibit growth of renal cyst.

At our center point, we strongly recommend Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to you. This therapy aims to shrink kidney cyst through putting two bags fulled with Chinese medicine herbs on kidney areas. With help of advanced western osmosis device, active ingredients of herbs can enter into kidney lesions directly. And Chinese medicine has many functions such as improving blood circulation, anti-coagulation, degrading extracellular matrixes as well as stimulating the self-curative ability, 8 cm cyst can be shrunk to a normal size gradually.

I sincerely hope you can benefits a lot from this passage. And if you have no idea how to deal with 8cm renal cyst, welcome to talk with our online doctors directly or email us to

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