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Treatment Options for A Large Renal Cyst

2014-06-14 23:30| Font Size A A A

Treatment Options for A Large Renal CystA large renal cyst, or kidney cyst usually refers to the size in kidney bigger than 3cm or 4cm. It is required to timely and proper treatments. Treatment options include diet therapy, surgery and Chinese medicine treatments.

Diet therapy

A reasonable diet plays an important part in recovery of this disease. A diet plan for reducing kidneys’ burden is required to obey the following principles.

1. Low-protein but with enough high-quality protein.

2. Develop a low-sodium diet

3. Limit intake of oxalic acid-containing foods.

4. Ingest foods which are rich in omega-3 acid.

5. Drink enough water and cranberry juice.


In Western medicine, surgery is often used to drain cysts and help relieve discomforts. With the help of microscopic, doctors use a long needle to puncture the cyst and drain sac fluid directly. Then, some substances which contain alcohol are filled into empty sac which aim to preventing the relapse of kidney cyst. Although surgery is a fast solution of large renal cyst, it still has a long time to recover and has the special application of environmental requirements. Furthermore, it has a high risk of infection and sequelae.

Chinese medicine treatments

Compared with surgery, Chinese medicine treatments are more natural and safe to shrink kidney cyst and remove kidney cyst.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

This therapy combines Chinese herbs and Western technology to protect kidneys. On the one hand, under the help of western osmosis device, active ingredients of Chinese medicine can permeate into kidney lesion effectively and directly. On the other hand, the ingredients of Chinese medicine can increase the permeability of cystic walls and improve blood circulation. As a result, more and more sac fluid can be eliminated gradually. It has a distinct effect and has won a good fame both at home and abroad.

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