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Chinese Therapies for Renal Cortical Cyst 6cm

2014-05-27 02:49| Font Size A A A

Chinese Therapies for Renal Cortical Cyst 6cmRenal cortical cyst is a common type of kidney cyst and they can enlarge to a certain size with time. If the size is 6cm, they will press the surrounding renal tissues or organs, causing more serious kidney damages. For people with renal cortical cyst 6cm, they should not blindly deal with this disease. However, Chinese therapies can yet be regarded as effective treatments.

The overview of renal cortical cyst 6cm

Cortical renal cyst refers to fluid-filled cyst growing in renal cortex, which is the functioning part of the whole kidney. No one knows for sure what causes a renal cortical cyst. It might be caused by infections, injures or genetic issues. Very small cysts might cause no problems at all, and as the cyst grows to 6cm, you may feel pain or pressure in your back or sides and the pain is usually dull and sharp. And you might notice blood or bubbles in your urine. Besides, you can also experience high blood pressure. osmosis device

Chinese therapies for dealing with renal cortical cyst 6cm

Chinese therapies which aimed at shrinking cysts and eliminating symptoms include Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Foot Bath Therapy.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Therapy

This therapy makes full uses of effective ingredients of Chinese medicine to manage kidney cyst and enhance kidney function from the root. According to personalized condition, kidney doctors will select different Chinese herbal medicines that you can get a good recovery. Under the help of western osmosis device, the medicine will be permeated into the renal lesion directly through the skin and channels. This treatment indeed has an obvious benefit on shrinking fluid-filled cyst without any side effects. In addition, it can also enhance microcirculation and block the process of renal fibrosis.

Foot Bath Therapy

Foot Bath Therapy is one of the treatments that can be used both in hospital and at home. Most patients are highly recommended to take Foot Bath Therapy, because there are lot of acupoints on human feet. On the one hand, solution can expand blood vessels and improve blood circulation, on the other hand, herbals in the bath water can boost defense mechanism and slow down the progress of renal cyst to some extent.

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