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Symptoms and Treatments for Kidney Cyst Rupture

2014-04-17 01:42| Font Size A A A

Symptoms and Treatments for Kidney Cyst RuptureWhen the kidney cysts grow larger enough, patients are at high risk of kidney cyst rupture. The followings are some symptoms and treatments for ruptured cysts, which can help patients, treat their disease in time.


Blood urine: It is a typical symptom of kidney cyst rupture. In mild condition, it can be detected by a microscope and it will disappear in a few days. However, in severe condition, gross hematuria may occur, which can be seen by naked eyes.

Back pain: When a kidney cyst bursts, patients will feel back pain. However, back pain also occurs, when cysts squeeze other parts of the body. Therefore, patients may not perceive kidney cyst bursting.

Some patients may get infected after cyst rupture, so they may have infection symptoms, such as fever, chills and back pain.

Besides, other symptoms including low blood pressure, low pulse rate and low urine output, etc can also occur, if the condition is not treated well.


There are four key points in treating ruptured cyst:

1. Early detection is very vital for the treatment, as timely treatment can prevent many complications like infection, sepsis, hemorrhage and acute kidney failure.

2. Anti-infection medicine is necessary, since patients in this condition are susceptible to various infections.

3. If the condition is severe, surgical may be needed.

4. Some Chinese herbs can promote blood circulation, so the cyst fluid could be absorbed and taken away by blood. In this way, cyst can shrink to normal size. Patients can prevent cyst rupture.

Well controlled kidney cyst rupture will not worsen patients’ condition. We believe the above information will be helpful in treating it. If you have any doubts about the above content, you can email us at

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