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Can Kidney Cysts Cause Leg Cramps

2013-11-13 13:40| Font Size A A A

Kidney Cysts is a common disease, especially among the elderly. According to the statistics, about half of people who are over 50% have kidney cysts. The large cysts will cause back pain. But some patients are troubled by leg cramps. Can kidney cysts cause leg cramps?

Kidney cysts and kidney damage.

The small cysts cause no obvious symptom and no harm to kidney. But the cysts can enlarge. when they grow bigger, they will press the surrounding kidney tissues. When more and more kidney tissues are affected, it will cause kidney damage. When the cysts rupture, the fluids will spread into other parts, causing kidney infection.

Can kidney cysts cause leg cramps?

There are many causes of leg cramps. The low serum calcium is one cause of leg cramps. This is because the calcium is one of the electrolytes that have relationship with neuromuscular excitability. Low serum calcium will increase the neuromuscular excitability, which will cause leg cramps.

Restless leg syndrome is one symptom of kidney disease, especially those who have kidney failure. There is no exact reason of this symptom, but it is reported that it is relate to the neuropathy caused by toxins accumulation. This symptom may also lead to leg cramps.

Here we can see that leg cramps is mainly attribute to kidney damage. If the kidney cysts is severe enough to cause kidney damage, then it will cause leg cramps.

Then how to deal with this problem? The root method is to prevent kidney damage or treat kidney damage if there is already kidney damage. Improving kidney function is of great importance. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is recommended to deal with kidney damage and improve kidney function. It has been proved safe and effective. If you are interested in it, you can send an email to , the kidney doctor will give you more information.

If you are attacked by leg cramps with kidney cysts, there may be kidney damage. So you should do a comprehensive physical tests and talk with your doctor or you can consult the online doctor, he will make you some suggestions.

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