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Is Constipation Related to Kidney Cyst

2015-06-25 15:11| Font Size A A A

Is Constipation Related to Kidney Cyst Some people who have cyst on the kidney complain that they suffer from constipation. They have the concern: is constipation related to kidney cyst? Today, we will talk about the topic here. If you have the similar question, hoping you can find out the answer from the following passage.

To be frank, constipation is one of the most common digestive problems. And constipation is relatively common among kidney cyst patients, but it also can occur when patients are in the certain conditions. If you have any questions or need to further help, you can email to or leave a message below directly. You will get reply within 48 hours.

Causes of constipation for kidney cysts patients

We all know kidney cyst is the small pocket filled with fluid and located in the kidneys. Many renal cysts are benign, and people can live out their entire lives without any knowledge of a cyst. However, in other cases, they should draw your high attention. Over time, cyst will increase and enlarge. When cysts become big enough (more than 6cm), it will oppress the surrounding tissues and cells, triggering numerous symptoms. Once the cysts begin to press nearby organs, including the bowel, then, the bowel movement are affected and constipation occurs.

In addition, other conditions also can cause the condition for kidney cyst patients. In order to control or even relieve related symptoms for patients, they have to develop different dietary plan from the healthy people. In some case, they have to limit intake of fluid. And low-fiber diet also can cause the constipation for patients. And some medications also can induce the symptom.

Treatment for relieving constipation

-Eating a balanced diet

Generally, you are required to have a low-protein and low-sodium diet to reduce the stress on kidneys. In addition, spicy and fatty foods should be avoided since they will stimulate the growth of renal cyst.

-Chinese Medicines

Chinese medicines have shown good efficacy on shrinking cysts and cleansing wastes and toxins in the blood. Both oral medicines (Mai-Kang Mixture) and external application (Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Foot Bath, Hot Compress Therapy) are available for kidney cysts patients.

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