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What Happens If One Has a Left Renal Simple Cortical Cyst

2015-05-14 10:21| Font Size A A A

What Happens If One Has a Left Renal Simple Cortical CystLeft renal simple cortical cyst refers to a closed fluid-filled sac that develops on the cortical area of the kidneys. Actually, simple renal cyst are usually benign, but it can still cause some discomforts along with the enlargement of cysts. What happens if one has a left renal simple cortical cyst?

To be frank, if you have a small cortical cyst and does not cause any discomforts, the doctor will suggest to leave it alone. However, when you suffer from a large cortical cyst on your kidney, you are suggested to take treatment as soon as possible. Without right treatment, cortical cysts may develop fast and over year, it may cause kidney damage and finally Kidney Failure

If you happen to be a person with Cortical Cyst on left kidney, you may feel the following conditions:

- Swelling. Edema (swelling of the lower extremities) can be caused by loss of kidney-function.

- Pain. In some cases, however, pain can occur between the ribs and hips when cysts enlarge and press on other organs.

- High Blood Pressure. As Kidneys work to regulate the blood pressure. When the cortical cyst damages the kidney tissues, high blood pressure will present.

In addition, you may suffer from blood urine, urinary tract infection, frequent urination and so on. Therefore, it is important to deal with the condition, so as to timely control the progression of illness condition.

Well, then, how to deal with the condition?

Compared to the surgery, I prefer recommending natural treatment like Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Acupuncture, Medicated Bath, Foot Bath and so on. These are the external application of herbal medicine. Not only can help discharge extra wastes but also can repair kidney damage from the body. If you want to know more details about these treatments, please do feel free to contact our Online Doctors or leave a message below or email to and we will do our best to hep you.

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