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What Are Symptoms of Kidney Cyst Infection

2014-09-30 09:34| Font Size A A A

What Are Symptoms of Kidney Cyst InfectionKidney cysts refer that there are more than one fluid-filled pockets on the kidneys, in which infection is a common complication. Well then, what are the symptoms or signs of kidney cysts infection?

To know the answer, we should firstly know how does infection occur in kidney cysts.

Since the renal cysts enlarge over time, they may obstruct the secretion of urine from body. As a large amount bacterium grows in urine, build up of urine in body is very likely to cause urinary tract infection.

In addition, when the renal cysts enlarge a certain size, they are very likely to rupture. In this case, the cystic fluid will leak out and cause infection of kidneys or cysts.

Through the above the analysis, we can see that the infection is mainly due to the lesions of kidney cysts. At the same time, patients may also suffer from a series discomforts and symptoms.

Well then, what are the symptoms of kidney cysts infection?

The typical symptom of rupture renal cysts is the blood urine which is caused by the red blood cells loss in urine.

Along with the loss of red blood cells, patients will feel fatigue, week, and tired. And these are associated with anemia.

The other symptom of infection in kidney cysts is high fever. In severe condition, the blood will be infected with the cystic fluid, even more, it can cause septicemia which is a very dangerous condition and it can cause vomiting, chill and even death.

Well then, how to deal with infection in kidney cysts?

As infection can be very dangerous, it is important to seek for an aggressive treatment. Since the most infection in kidney cyst has a connection with kidney impairment, the common used antibiotics are not available in this condition. Then, how?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is widely used in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital, China and has achieved the great success in clinic. In short, it is an external applied of Chinese medicines. On the one hand, the effective ingredient of herbal medicine can expand the blood vessels around cysts, speed up the blood circulation and increase the permeability of cyst wall. On the other hand, the medicines can shrink large cysts bu increasing the removal of fluid from the cyst wall. If the cysts get solved, the chance of developing infection will decline significantly.

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