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High Blood Pressure And Kidney Cysts: Causes and Treatment

2014-07-21 20:24| Font Size A A A

High Blood Pressure And Kidney Cysts: Causes and TreatmentIs there any connection with high blood pressure and kidney cysts? Can kidney cysts raise blood pressure? If you also have such question and doubt, then, please read this passage and you will find the causes and treatment for this symptom.

Do kidney cysts cause high blood pressure? Sure! Hypertension, namely high blood pressure is one of most common symptoms in kidney cysts. Actually, it cause hypertension by attacking our kidney function. Normally, our kidney needs to do much work to guarantee our body health. The kidney is an important organ with the function of producing urine, remove the metabolic products, wastes and toxins, activating vitamin D as well as regulating blood pressure.

As a matter of fact, a small kidney cyst may not dangerous enough to affect renal function. And it may not cause any symptoms or discomforts. However, for an enlarged kidney cyst, or if the kidney cyst keeps enlarging over time, it will oppress surrounding renal tissues and other organs and therefore impair kidney function. Once kidney lose the ability of regulating blood pressure, hypertension will occur. And it worsens kidney condition directly.

In this case, it will impact renal blood vessels and accelerate the progression of kidney problem. Therefore, well controlled of high blood pressure is critical to avoid further kidney damage.

How to lower high blood pressure in kidney cysts?

In most western countries, doctor will prescribe certain medications like ACEIs and ARBs to control high blood pressure. But I would not like to recommend them to you. Although these medicines have good therapeutic effect on lower hypertension, it still has many side effects for kidney cysts patients if long time or over dosage intake.

Compared to western medicines, I prefer recommending Chinese medicine to you. In Beijing Tongshantang Hospital, many characterized therapies are created based on TCM, but used externally, like Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicate Bath, Hot Compress Therapy. All these contribute to shrink kidney cysts, protect kidney function and enhance immunity.

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