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Can Kidney Cysts Cause Bladder Infection

2014-06-07 01:04| Font Size A A A

Can Kidney Cysts Cause Bladder InfectionKidney cysts patients are more prone to suffer bladder infection or UTI (urinary tract infection). Why? Here, we will discuss this topic.

Generally speaking, simple renal cysts are usually benign and do not cause obvious symptoms or complications. But for multiple cysts in the kidneys, they usually cause frequent problems. They can cause many symptoms and complication, and bladder infection is a common complication of this kidney disease.

How does they cause bladder infection?

The most primary reason is that the enlarged cysts will oppress the surrounding kidney tissues and other organs. And once enlarged cysts lead to a rupture of renal cysts, the cystic fluid will leak out and they are easy to enter into urinary tract through urine. As a result, bladder infection or UTI will be induced. Besides, this infection can also appear if patients receive surgery to deal with the kidney cysts, which is a disadvantage of surgery.

How to know whether you have this infection?

When you have below signs or symptoms, you should pay enough attention to.

--Pain in lower belly.

--Urine that appears red, cola or tea-colored.

--Passing frequent, small amounts of urine.

--Swelling, bleeding and ulcer.

How to treat it?

Normally, antibiotics are the typical treatment in renal cyst. In this condition, your doctor will prescribe antibiotics to get rid of the infection. Besides, you may be suggested to drink relatively water, herbal tea, vegetables and fruits which can be regarded as diuretics. More personalized treatments, please contact with our doctors online.

In addition to these methods, you can try Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. The active ingredients of Chinese herbs in this therapy can increase the permeability of cyst wall, decrease the activity of lining cells, change the inner and outer pressure difference of cyst wall, so the cyst fluid can be reabsorbed and finally cleared away with urine. Once renal cysts get a well controlled, there are many chances to solve it.

Shrinking your kidney cysts and protecting your kidney function may be helpful for controlling bladder infection and other symptoms. If you want to improve your illness condition from the root, you are always welcomed to leave a message to, and we will do our best to help you.

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