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Symptoms of Cysts on Left Kidney

2014-06-01 20:33| Font Size A A A

Kidney cyst is a common disorder in the elderly. And these various sizes of fluid-filled sac can be either be found in left kidney or right kidney. Without timely control, some symptoms will occur. Here, we will talk about symptoms of cysts on left kidney.

In the early stage, there are usually no obvious symptoms(Generally, the size of cyst is less than 3cm). And cysts on left kidney are usually detected for other reasons.

As mentioned above, these fluid-filled sac will increase both in sizes and numbers. If the size is above 4cm or 5cm, the following symptoms are more likely to come into being:

☆ High blood pressure Kidney has the function regulating blood pressure, however, when the nearby kidney structures are damaged by enlarged cysts, high blood pressure will occur.

Swelling Frankly speaking, this kind of sign can be caused by fluid-sodium retention. And it can be found around the eyelids, arms and legs. In serious condition, it will spread to other parts of the body, such as lung.

☆ Pain Under certain circumstances, pain can occur between the ribs and hips when cysts on left kidney press the surrounding renal tissues.

☆ Blood in urine Usually, useful substances like red blood cells can be preserved within the body. However, when the “filtering units” are damaged, red blood cells will leak into urine, resulting in blood in urine, which can be categorized into microscopic hematuria or gross hematuria.

Additionally, changes of urination and urinary tract infections can also be caused by cysts on left kidney.

If you are suffering from the above symptoms of cysts on left kidney, do not ignore it blindly. And the right step is to take effective treatments. For more info, please email to or have a nice talk with our Live Doctor!

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