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Home Remedy for Kidney Cysts Patients

2014-04-10 19:27| Font Size A A A

Home Remedy for Kidney Cysts PatientsSmall simple kidney cysts cause no symptom, while when they grow larger, some symptoms, even complications appear. There are some tips of homey remedy for kidney cysts for your reference.

Keep healthy lifestyle

-Ward off infection: Patients with kidney cysts are at high risk of infection, so they must ward off risk factors of infection. Eating some foods containing vitamin C, which can enhance immunity, also can prevent potential infection.

-Prevent from flu: Flu is a common risk factor to kidney cysts patients, since flu can deteriorate their condition. Patients should pay attention to staying warm, against catching cold.

-Keep regular exercise: Doing regular exercise helps patients to regain healthy, while some strenuous exercise, especially causing pressure to belly, should avoid.

-Quit drinking and smoking: For regaining health, patients should get rid of some unhealthy habits, like drinking, smoking and irregular lifestyle.

Have a healthy diet

-Control salt intake: Too much salt not only leaf to fluid retention but contribute to elevating blood pressure.

- Avoid spicy or irritating food: Some foods aggravating their cysts should be avoided. These foods include: pepper, chocolate, coffee and some seafood.

-Have some foods containing alkaline

Study shows that the diet of alkaline can lower the growth of kidney cysts. We can find alkaline from apples, watermelon, bananas, melons, kiwi, cabbage, spinach, greens, turnip greens, swiss chard, romaine and so on.

Home treatment

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is recommended to cysts patients as a home remedy. Years’ clinic practice proves it an effective way to control kidney cysts.

This treatment is easy-to-handle, so patients can get the treatment easily. This medicine has the effects of dilating the blood vessels and stimulating the blood circulation and increasing cyst wall permeability. Thus the cysts fluid can be taken away with blood so that the cysts can be shrunk gradually.

If you can follow the above advice, we believe you can well control you condition. Email us with you detailed information, and you can get more personalized information from us: Wish you a soon recovery.

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