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Can People with Kidney Cyst Drink Cola

2014-03-05 23:13| Font Size A A A

Can People with Kidney Cyst Drink ColaDue to the distinctive taste, cola is loved by people around the world, especially young people. Well, can people with Kidney Cyst drink cola?

Kidney cyst refers to round pouches of fluid that developed in the kidneys. Mostly, the cysts are benign. In the initial stage, they are usually small in size and people may not experience any symptoms. However, the cysts will become enlarged with time, in that case, symptoms including back pain, flank pain, blood in urine may appear.

Due to this, people with cyst in kidneys should follow a scientific diet to lighten the workload of kidneys and refrain the growth of cysts. After careful study, experienced nephrologists at our center point out that people with renal cyst had better not drink cola. And the reasons are summarized as follows:

1. Aggravate the burden of kidneys Study shows that cola contains certain amounts of caffeine, which may stimulate the growth of cysts to a certain degree.

2. Affect the digestive system If people with kidney cyst drink too much cola, large amounts of carbon dioxide present in this beverage will inhibit the generation of probiotics. In this way, the digestive system will be affected.

3. Lead to calcium deficiency If patients drink cola regularly, the excess intake of phosphoric acid will affect the absorption of calcium, resulting in calcium phosphate imbalance. In this case, osteoporosis may occur.

Additionally, there are also some dietary restrictions. Such as, stay away from stimulating foods(hot pepper, seafood, shrimp, crab, etc); quit drinking and smoking(including passive smoking); avoid chocolate, coffee and so on; limit the intake of salt strictly, if there are high blood pressure and swelling; control the consumption of protein at 0.6-0.8g/kg per day, meanwhile, eat some high-quality protein foods. If you want to get a personalized dietary advice, do not forget that our Free Online Doctor is always here for you.

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