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How to Slow Down the Growth of Kidney Cyst with Diet

2013-09-28 16:00| Font Size A A A

How to Slow Down the Growth of Kidney Cyst with DietKidney cyst is commonly seen in adult especially in men. With the age growth, the incidence of this kidney disease increases. About 50% of people who are above 50 years old have one or several simple kidney cyst. The rate is as high as 90% among people more than 70 years old. Though there is no curative treatment to eliminate kidney cyst, but you can slow down the growth of kidney cyst with diet.

The diet tips for patients with kidney cyst.

You should avoid high protein food.

If the kidney cyst has already affect you kidney function or there is protein in urine, you limit protein intake in your daily life as far as possible. Protein will decompose a metabolic waste called urea nitrogen, which will increase the burden of kidney and further damage kidney function. The high-quality protein food is recommended to meet the need that body requires, such as eggs, milk, and lean meat.

Food that rich in potassium and phosphorous should be avoided.

If your lab test shows that your potassium and phosphorous level is high, foods like banana, grape, spinach, corn, coffee, cola, kelp chocolate, etc should be avoided.

High sodium food is not suggested.

Overmuch sodium is a risk factor of high blood pressure, which is a leading cause to kidney damage. Besides, too much sodium will conduce to fluid-sodium retention and worsen kidney function. High sodium foods include canned food, fast food, processed food and salted food.

Eat more vegetables and fruits.

Fresh vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamin and fiber, which can replenish the nutrition that our body needs.

Avoid alcohol.

Do keep in mind that you should not drink alcohol if you have kidney disease, because alcohol can accelerate the arteriosclerosis and cause damage to kidney.

You can consult your doctor or dietitian for information to slow down the growth of kidney cyst with diet or you can send an email to, our kidney expert will arrange you a suitable diet list.

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