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What Are the Healthy Foods to Eat for Hypertention And Kidney Cysts

2015-02-01 09:56| Font Size A A A

What Are the Healthy Foods to Eat for Hypertention And Kidney CystsHypertension, called high blood pressure is a typical symptom for patients with kidney cysts. In order to control the symptom, Diet Management plays a significant role. Well then, what are the healthy foods to eat for hypertension and kidney cysts?

Let’s see the analysis of kidney cysts.

Kidney cysts is a kidney disease which can not be cured, and it can damage patients’ health severely. There is one or several filled -fluid pockets growing on the kidneys. Over the time, these cysts will increase in the sizes and numbers. When kidney cysts enlarge to a certain degree, it will oppress the kidney tissues and surrounding organs. The blood pressure will increase. High blood pressure damages the vessels that, in turn, can’t provide the waste and fluid exchanges in organs. Then, more and more cysts will replace more and more kidney function, eventually leading to Kidney Failure. Any question, you can leave a message below or mail to

Well then, what are the healthy foods to eat for the condition?

Generally speaking, the healthy foods should protect remaining kidney function, preventing kidney cysts from rupturing, as well as improving renal function. The dietary principles below can be recommended to you for your reference.

Proper protein intake

Eating too much protein will cause huge burden on the damaged kidneys. Because the low-quality protein intake will produce a large amount of wastes which cannot discharged out of the body. Generally speaking, 0.4-0.6g/kg body weight can be recommend to patients who have kidney damage.

Keep a low-salt diet

Low-salt diet plays an important part in controlling the blood pressure. And high salt intake not only can aggravate water-retention or swelling but also cannot stimulate kidney cysts.

High-calcium intake

Calcium is the important mineral and nutrient for our body healthy. For patients have kidney damage, they will suffer from disorder of electrolyte, like high phosphorus and low calcium. Therefore, enough calcium intake should be guaranteed.

High-vitamin intake

Vitamin is important to body health, and it can boost our immunity and strengthen our immune system. It is beneficial to prevent infection, bacteria, and virus and so on.

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