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Why is Egg Yolk Bad for Kidney Disease Patients

2014-09-03 23:57| Font Size A A A

Why is Egg Yolk Bad for Kidney Disease PatientsKidney disease patients are suggested to design a scientific and healthy diet plan. Speaking of egg yolk, it indeed has abundant nutrition and is good for body health. But it dose not suggested to kidney disease patients. Why? Wanna the reasons? Please read on and you will find the related info.

Let’s have a look at bad influence of kidney disease.

Kidney disease means that the kidney fails to function properly. Along with decline of renal function, too much wastes and toxins will build up in the body and increase the kidney’s burden, leading to further kidney damage. At the same time, patients may experience numerous symptoms and complications like high blood pressure, proteinuria, hematuria, high creatinine level, bad cholesterol as well as cardiovascular disease and so on.

Why is egg yolk bad for your kidneys with kidney disease?

Kidney disease patients are prone to suffer from hyperlipidemia, high phosphours as well as high cholesterol due to decline of renal function. For an egg, most of the nutrition is found in egg yolk, while kidney disease need to stay away from egg yolk. Because it contains a large amount of cholesterol. Kidney failure are running high risk for hyperlipidemia which needs patients to limit fat intake. Under such a condition, if kidney failure patients eat too much egg yolk, hyperlipidemia will be aggravated.

Aside from cholesterol, egg yolk also contains abundant trace elements like calcium, iron and phosphorus. In comparision, kidney failure has a higher risk for high phosphorus level in blood. In this light, limiting phosphorus and eating less or no egg yolk will be beneficial for kidney failure patients.

Well then, how about egg white?

Compared to egg yolk, egg withe indeed is good for kidney disease patients. Because it is a good and common source of high-quality protein which can meet the physical body need and meanwhile produce less urea nitrogen which needs to discharge by the kidneys. All in all, for kidney disease patients, 60% of daily protein should be high-quality one.

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