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Can Carrots Prevent Growth of Kidney Cysts

2014-05-08 11:28| Font Size A A A

Can Carrots Prevent Growth of Kidney Cysts Carrots are rich in nutrients and they can help prevent and alleviate many diseases, such as nyctalopia and respiratory diseases. Well, can they help to prevent the growth of Kidney Cysts?

What are kidney cysts?

Kidney cysts are abnormal, fluid-filled sacs that form in the kidneys. This disease can be divided into two conditions, simple kidney cysts and the complex kidney cysts. Normally, they are non-cancerous but can cause some compilations, such as bleeding and infections and even impair kidney function.

What’re the benefits of carrots for preventing enlarged kidney cysts?

1. Promote normal growth: They can promote the organisms growing normally, and maintain the normal epithelial tissues, so they have the effect of preventing this sickness in some degree.

2. Clear free radical: They can help clear the free radical, which can hinder cells growing normally and decrease the risk of this illness.

3. Enhance immunity: Eating more this vegetable also helps patients enhance their immunity, so they can better resist this disease.

How does this vegetable help kidney cysts patients in other aspects?

1. One benefit of carrots is softening blood vessels, so it can prevent some cardiovascular diseases.

3. This vegetable also helps to reduce the blood glucose and blood fat.

2. They are high-fiber food, which is usually recommended to polycystic kidney disease patients.

3. This vegetable can help to lower blood pressure but this efficacy is mainly due to the potassium in carrots. Thus, if there is a high potassium level, carrot is not a good choice.

One point need to be cautious of is this vegetable is high in potassium and phosphorus, which may have bad effects on PKD patients.

If you have any questions about this vegetable, you can contact you online doctors for help.

Last but not least, carrots can help to prevent and alleviate kidney cysts, while it only can help patients in some extent but can not replace the treatments.

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