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Is 1.2cm*1.0 cm Renal Cortical Cyst Dangerous

2015-05-31 15:29| Font Size A A A

Is 1.2cm*1.0 cm Renal Cortical Cyst DangerousRenal cortical cyst is one common type of simple kidney cysts, which is located at renal cortex. Compared to PKD and ARCD (acquired renal cystic disease), cortical cyst of the kidney is relatively easy to be treated because it is on the outside of the kidney. Well then, is 1.2cm*1.0cm renal cortical cyst dangerous?

To be frank, usually when renal cortical cyst is smaller than 3cm, patients have no obvious symptoms or discomforts. In many cases, cortical cyst on the kidneys is founded by accident in routine physical examination or imaging test like ultrasound, CT, and MRI. Small cyst as 1.2cm*1.0cm usually causes no symptoms or discomforts and will not affect kidney functions if patients pay more attention to their daily life activities. Of course, there are some exceptions. Maybe some patients start to feel pain or pressure in their back or sides, which may radiate into abdomen or groins. The pain is usually dull and chronic. You may also notice blood or bubbles in your urine. In addition, high blood pressure, proteinuria, urinary tract infection is not rare in renal cortical cyst.

How to shrink 1.2 cm*1.0 cm renal cortical cyst?

All in all, the prognosis of 1.2 cm*1.0cm kidney cyst is good. It will not affect patients’ normal daily life if you take necessary precautions below. Any questions, please do feel free to contact our Online Doctor or email to and we will do our best to help you.

Monitor cyst regularly

Patients should monitor its growth’s condition regularly, so as to get the timely treatment.

Make diet changes

You should avoid spicy and fatty foods that can stimulate kidney cysts growth. In addition, limit of sodium and protein intake is very necessary. This is to avoid increasing blood pressure on your kidneys so as to treat the cyst.

Herbal medicines

Herbal medicines are applied to treat kidney cyst widely, because they can shrink cyst and protect kidneys from damage without side effects. No matter how large or small the cyst is, herbal treatment is available, but the prescriptions may differ as different conditions.

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