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Should I Do Any Heavy Lifting with Cysts on the Kidneys

2015-02-06 15:05| Font Size A A A

Should I Do Any Heavy Lifting with Cysts on the KidneysShould I do any heavy lifting with cysts on the kidneys? This question is commonly asked by the kidney cysts patients who do heavy lifting. Indeed, most patients are suggested to have a lot of rest, while the fact is that they may become more and more weak. Then, if I do heavy lifting with renal cysts, what will happen? Let’s discuss!

The analysis of kidney cysts:

Kidney cysts is characterized by the fluid-filled sacs forming the kidney. In small size, these cysts do not cause any discomforts and symptoms for patients. However, over time, these cysts will enlarge. Once they enlarge to a certain size, they will oppress the kidney tissues and surrounding organs which can lead to obvious symptoms like back pain, kidney pain, high blood pressure, etc. What’s more, the enlarged cysts have a high risk of rupturing, leading to blood urine or hematuria, kidney infection, urinary tract infection and so on.

Should you do any heavy lifting with renal cysts?

The answer is you should avoid doing that. For patients with kidney cysts, they are often told not do strenuous exercise. Heavy lifting is the strenuous exercise which can cause further kidney damage again. Because the strenuous exercise will stimulate cysts and oppress cysts, speeding up the deterioration of illness condition. Normally, they should avoid the over-tiredness, bending down and heavy lifting so as to protect kidney from the secondary damage.

Well then, should I always have a lot of rest with kidney cysts?

No. Although you are not suggested to do heavy lifting, you are not suggested to rest for a long time. Because patients will become more and more weak without any activities.

Then, which exercises can I do?

Choose continuous activity such as walking, swimming, bicycling (indoors or out), skiing, aerobic dancing or any other activities in which you need to move large muscle groups continuously.

By the way, you should know simple healthy lifestyle is not enough to shrink cysts fundamentally. Therefore, a medical treatment is also essential. Compared to surgery, I prefer recommending natural treatment called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to you. If you have interest, please be free talk with our Online Doctor or leave a message below directly and we will give reply ASAP.

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