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What is Kidney Cyst

2013-10-01 09:24| Font Size A A A

There are many forms of cyst in kidney, including simple kidney cyst and polycystic kidney cysts and other kidneys of kidney cyst. Then what is kidney cyst actually?

Simple kidney cyst is one of the most common pathological changes in human kidney disease. The cause of simple kidney cyst is not clear. The vast majority of patients will be adults, rare in children. It is more common in male than female. As the growth of the age, the incidence is rising. About 50% of people who are over 50 years old has one or more simple kidney cyst and the incidence is high to 90% within people who are over 70 years old.

The simple kidney cyst is with thin and transparent capsule wall and light yellow liquid. In most case, it is benign and cause little damage to kidney function. In terms of the causes of simple kidney cyst, there is no clear answer about why it occurs. Some are in inherent and some are not. The small simple kidney cyst grows slowly and not easy to get worse. As to those that are larger than 4cm or grow quickly or are suspicious of evil change, surgery should be taken into consideration.

There are no symptoms with simple kidney cyst normally. Some patients may feel back pain if they have big kidney cyst. Some kidney cysts are happened to oppress ureter, which will cause fever, urinary tract infection.

The progression of simple kidney cyst is slow and with good prognosis and it has little impact on daily life, so no surgery intervention and oral medicine are needed. Surgery may be recommended if you are in the following cases:

- With obvious symptoms like back pain or psychological press.

- Cyst is greater than 4 cm in diameter, or the recent volume increased obviously.

- Cyst causes oppression and with hydronephrosis.

- Blood or infection or with rupture of cyst.

- Suspicious of cancerization

Through the above introduction, I think you already have a general understanding about what is renal cyst. Wanna get more information about it or other kinds of kidney cyst, please contact the online doctors or leave a message below, we are glad to help you!

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