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Can A Cyst Burst on Your Kidneys

2014-08-07 19:05| Font Size A A A

Can A Cyst Burst on Your KidneysIf you or your loved one happen to be a patient with kidney cyst, you have to keep cautious all the time. Why? Because it has a high risk to lead to rupture of renal cysts and cause more serious symptoms.

How does A renal cyst burst on your kidneys?


Actually, small renal cysts do not cause any symptoms or discomforts for kidney disease patients. But over time, it will become larger and larger. What’s more, when it enlarges to a certain size or becomes big enough, patients will fell various pain such as back pain, stomach pain, flank pain, kidney pain and so on.


Due to kidney damage, patients’ immune systems are in low status. Under this case, bacteria and virus will invade the body, leading to various infections. Once these infections enter into kidneys, the cysts will get inflammation and the cystic fluid will leak out, leading to more serious infection, like urinary tract infection, bladder infection, etc.


Alcohol is a leading factor for cyst rupture. Any drinks that contain alcohol should be avoided for patients with kidney cysts.


Constipation is not big issue for healthy people, but for kidney cysts patients, it is very dangerous.

Action of bend

Bend down can make the abdomen muscles force the cavity, which may lead to cyst rupture. This is why your doctor tell you never lifting heavy things when you stoop.

How do you know the rupture of your renal cysts?

Blood in urine

Blood in urine or called hematuria is the most obvious sign of renal cysts rupture. In mild cases, blood may be undetectable to the eye, only being detected by a urinalysis screen available through your physician. And if your condition is severe, you may see darkened urine by your own eyes.

In addition to bloody urine, pain on lower back or abdomen, low blood pressure, low urine output and so on are all the symptoms of renal cyst rupture. If you are suffering one of these symptoms, you should take immediate and effective measures to stop or delay the progress of the illness condition.

If you have no idea about how to deal with renal cysts ore rupture of renal cysts, you can seek professional guidance from our online doctor. Also, you can attach your medical report to

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