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Treatments for Diarrhea in IgA Nephropathy

2014-04-18 16:08| Font Size A A A

Treatments for Diarrhea in IgA NephropathyDiarrhea usually attacks IgA Nephropathy patients in their advanced stage. Some effective treatments are discussed in this article.

In IgA nephropathy, when kidney suffers severe damage, some acidic metabolites can’t be excreted through the kidney but accumulate in patients’ body, which can induce acidosis. Then patients will experience diarrhea.

IgA nephropathy patients have lower immunity than normal people, so they are invulnerable to gastrointestinal infections, for example, unclean or spoiled food may be the causes of gastrointestinal infections, which can induce diarrhea. Thus, patients should be cautious of dietetic hygiene.

For the first condition, sodium bicarbonate, alkaline agent, can help to correct the condition. However, it only helps to alleviate the symptom temporally. In the long term, only restoring kidney function can help patients. I will introduce an effective way to restore kidney function in the following content.

IgA nephropathy is a medical condition when the immune system wrongly attacks the kidney, causing immunoglobulin A lodges in patients’ kidney. Briefly speaking, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy work to treat IgA nephropathy in the following three ways:

Regulate the overacted immunoreactions

The medicine can enhance patients’ immunity and suppress the overacted immunoreactions so as to stop further damage to the kidney.

Decompose the immune complexes

The immune complex deposits in the kidney can cause inflammation, which can induce anoxia and ischemia in kidney. Herbs in this therapy can decompose the deposits and dilate the vessels, so the condition can get improved.

Restore intrinsic cells and tissues

With the blood circulation in kidney gets improved, kidney can get enough oxygen and nutrients to recover. What’s more, medicines are tonic to kidney, which also help to restore kidney function.

In addition, with the help of osmosis devices, medicines gets into kidney lesion through patients’ skin, so it can avoid stimulation to the digestive system.

If IgA nephropathy patients have diarrhea, they should not regard as an ailment and let it untreated. Taking positive treatment is very important to avoid disease progression. If you have any doubts about the above treatments, you can email us at Best wishes to you.

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