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Immunotherapy for IgA Nephropathy with Creatinine 5.4

2013-11-20 11:45| Font Size A A A

IgA nephropathy is an autoimmune disease. It is a common glomerulonephritis throughout the world. The glomerulus are damaged with the deposition of IgA antibody on glomerulus. There will be high creatinine level with the damage of glomerulus. What is the best treatment for IgA nephropathy with creatinine 5.4? Have you ever heard of Immunotherapy? Here I will talk about immunotherapy for IgA nephropathy with creatinine 5.4.

IgA nephropathy with creatinine 5.4.

Why there will be high creatinine level with IgA nephropathy? What does creatinine 5.4 mean?

Because the IgA antibody is depositing on the glomerulus, so the immune system will generate immune reaction. Because of the disorder of immune system, the uncontrolled immune reaction will enlarge the kidney lesions and cause more kidney damage.

One of the most important functions of kidneys is to filter the waste products and toxins out of the body and the glomerulus undertake this job. With the damaged glomerulus, the creatinine cannot be discharged out of the body and they will accumulate in the blood. The higher of the creatinine level, the more serious of kidney damage.

Immunotherapy for IgA nephropathy with creatinine 5.4.

Immunotherapy is a natural therapy which aims at adjusting the immune system and improving kidney function. There are six steps of this therapy, including immune diagnosis, immune blocking, immune tolerance, immune clearance, immune adjustment and immune protection.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is used to remove the immune complex and reduce the excessive immune reaction. With some protection methods, the immune system can be improved. With a normal immune system, the inflammation cannot attack the kidneys.

The creatinine 5.4 can be lowered with the recovery of the glomerulus.

Many patients with IgA nephropathy receive a good effect with immunotherapy. If you are now troubled by IgA nephropathy and creatinine level, you can try this therapy. Wanna more information? Send an email to, you will get what you want.

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