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What to Do When IgA Nephropathy Patients Caught A Cold

2013-10-18 16:14| Font Size A A A

A cold will not only worsen the condition of patients with IgA nephropathy, but also greatly threat the health of them. Experts point out IgA nephropathy patients with a cold should not take medicine by themselves. It is because that the damaged kidney can not suffer additional damage from drug. It might lead to accentuation illness. Therefore, when IgA Nephropathy patients caught a cold, they should select drugs carefully.

Clinically, there are a lot of IgA nephropathy repeated after cured. The main reason is cold. In order to avoid this kind of phenomenon happening again, a good job in nursing is very important. If the urine output of patient is normal, no obvious edema, patients should drink more water to increase urine output and expel toxins. Associated with high blood pressure and proteinuria, protein intake should be limited, choose low protein and low salt diet. They should also keep early hours and keep a good mood.

To evaluate whether a specific cold medicine is harmful to kidneys or not is not by its intake methods, but its types. Medicine which would increase the burden of renal excretion and with renal toxicity should be avoided as far as possible. As to the specific condition of IgA nephropathy is not only depends on occult blood, urine protein and so on. A standard treatment is recommended by experts.

IGA nephropathy is a kind of common disease, and its prognosis is related to many factors. But infections such as cold and fever are the risk factors affecting the prognosis this disease. In addition to the diet, care and prevention, the most important thing is have an effective treatment. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an advanced natural therapy widely used to treat IGA nephropathy.

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