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IgA Nephropathy, GFR 29, Creatinine 2.7 and Hypertension

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IgA Nephropathy, GFR 29, Creatinine 2.7 and Hypertension
I have IgA Nephropathy, GFR 29, creatinine 2.7 and hypertension. Is there any possibility to halt the progression and hope for gradual reversal to improve kidney function?

Answer: For this disease, kidney damage is related with immune complex (IgA for your case) deposit in kidney kidneys. These deposited substance stimulates renal cells and lead to inflammatory response within kidneys. Steroid works on anti-inflammation, but it can hardly repair damages within kidneys. Take your creatinine into consideration, overall kidney damage and function decline has become serious. And now you are in stage 4 CKD. Without timely treatment, your condition will get worse, and then you may have to start dialysis or do kidney transplant to save your life.

Treatment for IgA Nephropathy patients with GFR 29, creatinine 2.7 and hypertension

High blood pressure is a factor that affects the prognosis of IgA Nephropathy, so it is necessary for you to bring it under control. What treatment have you taken for it?

Besides symptomatic treatment, we suggest you to try a systemic treatment. It is Toxin-Removing Treatment, also known as Detoxification Therapy. It can make use of various therapies such as plasma exchange, external Chinese therapies (like medicated bath, foot bath, navel therapy, steam therapy, etc), oral Chinese medicine, ozone therapy, cytokine infusion therapy and so on to eliminate immune complexes and other wastes from the blood so as to reduce their deposition on kidneys. It can also restore the balance of anti-inflammatory cytokines and pro-inflammatory cytokines to reduce renal inflammation and control the disease from getting worse. Moreover, it can provide the damaged kidneys with enough essential elements to speed up kidney recovery.

-After about one week’s treatment, you will see a lot of sediments in urine, which are those wastes being passed out.

-After about half month’s treatment, your high creatinine will decrease at least 10%. High creatinine level will decrease at least 10%.

-After about one month’s treatment, your disease will be under control, and renal function will get improved. And then you can halt the progression of disease.

The above information is just for reference. If you want to get personalized guidance from our renal experts, you had better send a copy of your lab report to renal-disease@hotmail.com. We can help you analyze it and then reply you.

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