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Can You Get Complete Remission from IgA Nephropathy

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Can You Get Complete Remission from IgA Nephropathy

It is well known that IgA Nephropathy (Berger’s Disease) slowly progressed to chronic kidney disease. But for some patients, they get complete remission. Can you get complete remission from IgA Nephropathy? Read on to learn more information.

What is complete remission for IgA Nephropathy patients?

Complete remission was defined as the absence of proteinuria (urinary protein excretion<0.3 g/day) and trace or negative urinary albumin on a dipstick test with the disappearance of edema and normalization of biochemical findings such as hypoalbuminemia and hyperlipidemia.

How to help IgA Nephropathy patients to get complete remission?

Besides symptomatic treatment to control symptoms and complications, you should regulate the abnormal immune system, because it is the abnormal immune system that causes IgA Nephropathy. Here we recommend you to try Toxin-Removing Treatment, which is also known as Detoxification Therapy.

Actually this is a systemic Chinese medicine treatment, which is consisted of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath, Foot Bath, Enema Therapy, Navel Therapy, etc. The whole treatment process is classified into two parts. The first part is to remove excess substances, such as wastes, IgA immune complexes and fluid out of body through dissolving toxins, dispelling toxins and discharging toxins to make internal environment good for kidney self-healing and other medication application. The second part is to use targeted treatment for removal of renal inflammation so as to prevent further kidney damage. After about one week’s treatment, you will see cotton-like substances in urine, which are those wastes. Swelling will vanish. After about half month’s treatment, your high blood pressure will come down. Proteinuria will reduce. With treatment going on, proteinuria will turn negative. After about one month’s treatment, you can get complete remission from IgA Nephropathy. Because your immune system is corrected during treatment, your disease won’t relapse as easily as before.

Can you get complete remission from IgA Nephropathy? Yes, you can, but you should find out a suitable treatment plan for your disease. If you can not, you can try the above Toxin-Removing Treatment. For more information on IgA Nephropathy treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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