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Treatment Steps for IgA Nephropathy Patients

2015-03-28 14:54| Font Size A A A

Treatment Steps for IgA Nephropathy PatientsIgA Nephropathy is a glomerular disease in which glomeruli are injured by inflammatory response which results from IgA deposition in mesangial area. Without improper treatment, the illness condition may progress into Kidney Failure. Therefore, treatment plays a significant part in repairing kidney damage. Well then, is there any treatment steps for IgA nephropathy patients?

The following step can be your treatment reference

1. Stop the inflammation in kidney

2. Split the existing deposit in kidney

3. Increase blood and nutrition supply to kidney

4. Remove the cycling immune complex in blood and avoid new deposit in the kidney

5. Reinforce your inherent immune system, letting those bacteria, virus hardly enter into your body.

Only by these steps, illness condition can have improvement step by step. However, it is not easy to reach the final goal. It requires very comprehensive treatments. Please do not give up the hope. In our Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital of China, Immunotherapy is widely used for removing the immune complexes and repairing kidney damage.

Immunotherapy for IgA Nephropathy

The treatment was divided into six steps:

Immune diagnosis--help find out the exact location of inflammation response and reflect the severity of kidney damages.

Immune blockage--inflammation caused by IgA deposition can be inhibited with effective immunosuppressive medicines, which can help protect kidney from the further kidney damage.

Immune adjust-- immune complex can be removed from body. Besides, intrinsic immune system can be under repair.

Immune tolerance--Ultra immune inflammation is prevented with functional medicines, so coexistence of tissues of kidney and IgA immune complex will be tolerated by kidney.

Immune protect--with treatment of cell therapy and Yiqiyangsheng which belongs to Chinese medicines and has properties of regulating body system, intrinsic immune system will be repaired and reconstructed.

Immune clearance--In the end step, blood purification technology can get IgA complex as well other harmful substances removed from body. Thus, what is harmful to kidney is eliminated. Kidney function can be under recovery step by step with nutrients in Chinese medicines.

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