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How to Stop the Progress of IgA Nephropathy in the Early Stage

2015-03-26 13:59| Font Size A A A

How to Stop the Progress of IgA Nephropathy in the Early Stage“My nephrologist tells that IgA Nephroapthy is in early stage and no treatment for this.I am so anxious and worried. How to slow the progress of the disease?” The word come from one patient who consult our Online Doctors. If you have similar questions, please read on. And the following things can be your reference.

IgA nephropathy is a kidney disease that causes the kidneys to become inflamed. According to the IgA Nephropathy Support Network, it turned out that as many as 50 percent of the cases progressed to end stage renal disease (ESRD) or Kidney Failure. After Diabetes and High Blood Pressure, IgA nephroapthy is the third leading cause of chronic kidney disease (CKD) in the United States. Therefore, it is important to take effective treatment, so as to stop or at least control progression of illness condition.

Well then, how to stop the progress of IgA nephropathy in the early stage?

Sometimes, in the early stage, patients do not suffer from any discomforts or symptoms due to the kidneys’ strong compensatory ability. It is relatively rare that patients will suffer from blood urine, swelling, fatigue, proteinuria, urinary tract infection in the early stage. Therefore, many patients do dot know that their kidney has been damage until they do some physical tests or illness condition has progressed into moderate stage. In order to prevent the condition, you should do the following things:

1. Do routine tests regularly.

2. Control blood pressure and blood sugar level.

3. Have a healthy and balanced eating plan (Generally, low-protein, low-salt, high vitamins intake; drink more water).

4. Living a healthy life (do exercises regularly; keep away from alcohol and tobacco; reduce intake of drinks which contains caffeine)

5. Omega-3fatty acid, these healthy fat can help reduce the inflammation of the kidneys.

6. Chinese Medicine Treatment. Compared to the western medicines, herbal medicines are more safe, effective and natural. But you do not allow to take the medicines until the doctor give you a guideline.

IgA nephropathy usually progresses slowly over many years, and it do not mean you can do nothing for yourself. All in all, the earlier treatment you take, the better prognosis you will get. Any questions, you can email us to or leave a message below directly.

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