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Causes and Treatments of Lower Back Pain in IgA Nephropathy

2014-04-20 01:15| Font Size A A A

Causes and Treatments of Lower Back Pain in IgA NephropathySome IgA Nephropathy patients often complain that they have lower back pain, then, what are the causes? and how to manage it? Read on and you will find the answer.

Common causes of lower back pain are concluded as follows:

Kidney stones

In IgA nephropathy, lots of toxins will accumulate in the patient’s body and some of them can induce kidney stone. So they are at high risks of kidney stones.

Kidney infection

Relatively speaking, patients with this disorder are more vulnerable to infections due to their low immunity.

Kidney lesion

Except for the above two reasons, lower back pain is commonly seen in advanced stage of this disorder, which has close connection with kidney lesion.

How to treat lower back pain in IgA nephropathy?

1. For the first reason, patients should drink more water to help excrete these metabolic wastes out of the body. Additionally, they can also make diet changes to lower the risk of experiencing kidney stones. Have an interest? Please consult with our Online Doctors now!

2. For patients who are susceptible to infection, they should eat some fresh fruits and vegetables to boost immunity and protect against infections. Besides, taking some moderate exercises and living a regular life can also be beneficial.

3. In the third condition, the best way to alleviate the lower back pain is to restore kidney lesion. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has a good effect on these patients. This therapy can help dilate blood vessels, supply nutrients and oxygen to the lesion and remove the IgA deposition. In this way, kidney lesion can be restored gradually and this symptom can be alleviated.

If treatments are taken timely, lower back pain in IgA nephropathy can be well controlled. If there is anything unclear, please contact us by emailing

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