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IgA Nephropathy Stage 4 Patients and Lower Back Pain

2015-05-20 15:42| Font Size A A A

IgA Nephropathy Stage 4 Patients and Lower Back PainLower back pain can be caused by many causes and some IgA Nephropathy Stage 4 patients always complain they suffer the pain. Well then,why? And is there any treatment to deal with the condition?

It is reported that IgA Nephropathy indeed causes pain feeling in the back below the ribs in the some conditions, but not everyone suffering from pain problem around the waistline certainly have IgA Nephropathy. Therefore if you have the following symptoms with IgA nephropathy, you should take effective treatments as soon as possible, so as to relieve pain and slow down the progression of illness condition. Any questions, you can email to or leave a message below directly.

1. Kidney Stone

In some cases of IgA Nephropathy, patients may experience pain feeling in lower back due to kidney stone which is a common problem for kidney disease patients.

Home remedy

Drinking much more water and doing some physical exercises are helpful for passing kidney stone, but for big stones, medical treatment is needed.

2. Kidney Infection

IgA Nephropathy patients may experience lower back pain due to kidney infection which appears easily among kidney disease patients.

Home remedy

Drinking much more water is helpful in mild cases, but if it is severe, antibiotics will be needed.


Diet therapy, as the assistant treatment can help relieve symptom to some extent, but it cannot solve problem from the root. You can consider the following treatments:


It is one of important parts of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and it is commonly used to reduce pain feelings. It is a effective way to resolve lower back without producing any side effects.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

The treatment combines Chinese herbal medicine and western technology. It can treat kidney lesion from the root through the specific functions like anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, degrading extracellular matrix and supplying necessary nutrients, and so on.

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