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Should I Be Concerned about Creatinine 2.3 and Bloody Urine in IgA Nephropathy

2014-05-25 18:36| Font Size A A A

Should I Be Concerned about Creatinine 2.3 and Bloody Urine in IgA NephropathyShould I be concerned about creatinine 2.3 and bloody urine in IgA Nephropathy? If you or your beloved one has similar cases, it is really necessary to see the contents shown below.

As an autoimmune disorder, IgA nephropathy is mainly characterized by IgA immune complexes in the mesangial area of glomeruli. As the condition progresses, red blood cells will leak into urine, resulting in bloody urine(include gross hematuria and microscopic hematuria). Meanwhile, cratinine 2.3 will occur due to drop in kidney function.

Honestly speaking, creatinine 2.3 and bloody urine is not that serious. However, this does not mean IgA nephropathy patients can ignore it. If poorly controlled, the illness condition will be more serious.

Then, are there some effective treaments for this condition? At our center, Immunotherapy is highly recommended. It helps rebuild the immune system and uses immune system to fight against kidney damage. Generally speaking, it includes six steps: immune diagnosis, immmune blockage, immune tolerance, immune adjustment, immune clearance and immune protection.

To put it simply, Blood Purification technique is firstly used to clear away IgA immnue complexes in the blood, then certain kind of Western medicine will be prescibed to block inflammatory reaction within the kidney, later Chinese Herbal Medicine will be prescribed to supply nutrients for the injured kidneys.

After a period of treatment, creatinine 2.3 and bloody urine can be treated well. What’s more, it can help avoid the relapse of IgA nephropathy. If you want to get personalized advice, please tell us more about your condition by emailing to

Additionally, taking moderate exercises(walking, jogging, Tai Chi, etc) regularly and follow the doctors’ advice strictly are also benefical for IgA nephropathy patients with creatinine 2.3 and bloody urine.

To sum up, IgA nephropathy patients should be concerned about creatinine 2.3 and bloody urine. If not, there will be serious consequences. Keep well!

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