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What Foods Can Help Lower Creatinine 6.2 in IgA Nephropathy

2013-12-13 22:33| Font Size A A A

What Foods Can Help Lower Creatinine 6.2 in IgA NephropathyCreatinine 6.2 in IgA nephropathy is a sign of deterioration of the disease. Patients in this condition are often suggested to take care of the foods that they eat everyday for proper foods can help lower creatinine 6.2 in IgA nephropathy. What kind of foods have this function?

Low-protein foods.

Besides providing us the essential nutritions, protein also produce waste products in the body. To keep the blood clean, the kidneys are responsible to filter them out. Since IgA nephropathy is characterized by the deposition of the immune complex on glomerulus, the glomerulus cannot work normally. The waste products in blood will increase the workload of kidneys and cause further damage to kidneys. So low-protein foods are suggested.

Low-potassium foods.

Some patients with IgA nephropathy may develop high potassium level. Kidneys also take charge of keeping balance of electrolyte. So extra potassium in blood will increase the risk of further kidney damage. High potassium foods that are commonly seen in daily life include banana, apple, orange, potato, cucumber, spinach, kelp and celery. You’d better avoid these foods or take less.

Low-sodium foods.

With creatinine 6.2, kidneys cannot work well to discharge extra water and sodium. If you take much sodium, it will combine with water and form water-sodium retention, which will lead to swelling. Besides, high sodium will elevate high blood pressure and harden the blood vessels. Therefore, you should avoid salted foods, restaurant foods, canned and processed foods.

High-vitamin foods.

Because of diet limits, you will be lack of vitamins. Vitamin deficiency may lead to other diseases. So patients with kidney disease should take some vitamin supplements. But not all kinds of vitamins are needed. You can consult your doctor for what vitamin you should supply.

The foods are different to different people with different conditions. If you do not mind, you can send your medical report to, the kidney doctor will make you a detailed foods lists that can help lower creatinine 6.2 in IgA nephropathy.

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