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What Can Patients with IgA Nephropathy Eat

2013-12-05 16:27| Font Size A A A

What Can Patients with IgA Nephropathy EatIgA nephropathy is an autoimmune kidney disease. It is characterized by glomerulus damage with IgA complex depositing on glomerular mesangial area. Patients with IgA nephropathy should follow a proper diet to reduce more damage to kidneys. So what can patients with IgA nephropathy eat?

Low-protein diet.

Some patients may experience proteinuria on different degrees. This is because the IgA complex cause damage to glomerulus, so the glomerulus cannot well protect protein in blood. Protein will leak out to urine. So a low-protein diet is necessary to reduce proteinuria. Besides, protein will decompose waste products after taking it. The waste products should be filtered by kidneys. Low-protein diet can also reduce the burden of kidneys.

Low-salt diet.

Some patients with IgA nephropathy are attacked by high blood pressure. Salt is a rich resource of sodium, of which high level will increase the risk of high blood pressure. Moreover, high level of sodium can also increase swelling. Kidneys are not able to remove the extra water and sodium in blood, so water-sodium retention will form, which will lead to swelling. So patients with IgA should eat a low-salt diet.

Low-phosphorus diet.

Because of glomerulus damage, the extra phosphorus cannot be discharged. High level of phosphorus in blood will decrease the level of calcium, causing bones to weaken. So if you are tested with high level of phosphorus in blood, your doctor often suggest you a low-phosphorus diet.

Diet is a natural treatment. It has a protective function in reducing the progression of the IgA nephropathy. For the detailed food lists, you can send an email to, the kidney doctor will send you back.

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